New memorial dedicated to the boys from the Banstead Cottage Homes (Beechholme)
Beechholme memorialKnown in earlier times as the Kensington and Chelsea Cottage Homes, the residential school was sited along Fir Tree Road, Nork. In later years it was known as Beechholme.

The memorial pictured on the right was erected to remember the young men and staff from the school who gave their lives for their country in The Great War. More details and a full list of all the men are included in a small booklet available for download here.

In 1975 the memorial was bulldozed by the developers who built the High Beeches Estate, and all record of the men was lost for over thirty years until BHRG Secretary, Ralph Maciejewski, found a list of the names at the Surrey History Centre.

Rev Jane Cresswell blessing the new plaque
A brand new Remembrance Plaque and Roll of Honour were unveiled on Sunday 4th November at St Paul's Church in Warren Road, Nork. These young men, all residents of the Cottage Homes in Fir Tree Road, gave their lives for their country during the Great War of 1914 to 1918, nearly 100 years ago.

Ted Bond, a long-standing BHRG member, single-handedly campaigned to get a new memorial plaque erected to remember these men, obtaining funds from the local community and the local council. The Banstead History Research Group made up the shortfall to enable the memorial to be erected.

The service was well attended and was conducted by the Rev. Jane Cresswell who was pleased to welcome a very special guest, Tony Sexton, an ex Beechholme boy.

Details of the BHRG publication BEECHHOLME A Children's Village are available here.

Photo shows Rev Jane blessing the new plaque.

View the Roll of Honour and read the stories here.

Tony Sexton Ex Beechholme Boy

ABOVE: Tony Sexton ex-Beechholme boy was specially invited to attend the Dedication Service.

BELOW: Ralph Maciejewski reading the names of the fallen.

Ted Bond

ABOVE: (insert) The stone plaque located in the small Garden of Remembrance at the side of St Paul's Church in Warren Road, Nork. (main photo) Ted Bond with the Roll of Honour which will be permanently displayed at the back of the church.

====================================Wooden Horse escape =========================

Beechholme photo in new book
Military historian Robert J Laplander asked permission to use a photo on our website in his brand new book which details the story of the Stalag Luft III escape using a Wooden Horse. Tony Lynham was delighted to agree and you can see the photo here

AGAINST THE ODDS - the complete story of the legendary 'Wooden Horse' escape and the men who made it happen

AGAINST THE ODDS - the complete story of the legendary 'Wooden Horse' escape and the men who made it happen will be available shortly.