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Ron Milton the oldest kid

This special feature records the 100th Birthday celebrations of Ron Milton in October 2019.
Ron is believed to be the oldest ex-resident from Beechholme in Banstead.

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Page last updated 22 Nov 2019

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Newspaper report Ron Milton

Image supplied by Gordon Milton courtesy of the Beccles Journal

Ron Milton marries Winnie in 1945

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Beechholme A Children's Village   

BEECHHOLME — A Children's Village   

One hundred pages featuring Beechholme history, numerous photographs and memories. This is a far more comprehensive book that the original booklet which, for many years,was the most requested BHRG publication.

Wherever you are in the world, we can get a copy to you. We can send them to someone else on your behalf if you wish or any other option you care to suggest. Contact Jean, our Publications secretary at BHRG books .

Of course we will continue to collect your photographs and memories of Beechholme, and if you have the facility, you can even upload your own images, or comment on existing ones on our Photographic Archive,  here. The earliest photos come from about 1895 when Beechholme was still the Kensington and Chelsea District School.