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Publications by the Banstead History Research Group (BHRG).

SECTION ONE shows a list of BHRG publications in date order.

SECTION TWO is intended to include other generally available publications which contain information on village life in Banstead, in the last century or earlier.
SECTION ONE - BHRG Publications
available locally from the Banstead Library.
2018 A Concise history of Banstead
2018 Tattenham Corner Estate
2018 Burgh Heath in Words and Pictures
2016 Banstead Women's Institute Scrapbook for 1965
2016 WWII My Teenage Years John MacKenzie
2016 Nork The Halden estates Company
2016 A Boy's War Colin Michael John Sutherland 1938 1945
2016 Banstead Common Estate
2016 Banstead Miscellany Anecdotes and Personalities from Banstead's Past............... HERITAGE SERIES
Oct 2016 The Life and Times of Hubert De Burgh Lord of the Manor of Banstead Justicier of England
Oct 2016 Woodmansterne - A brief historical Account.......................................................... HERITAGE SERIES
Feb 2016 When The Railways Came - How the local villages changed and grew................. HERITAGE SERIES
Jan 2016 PRIESTMERE - An Early 20th Century Tadworth House
Sep 2015 Some Women of Banstead....................................................................................... HERITAGE SERIES
Oct 2014 WOODMANSTERNE in Words and Pictures
Sep 2014 Rose's Story - From London childhood to war years in Banstead
Apr 2011 The Banstead Boy at Trafalgar
Dec 2010 Beechholme - A Children's Village
Dec 2010 Banstead Past and Present
Sep 2010 These Men of Banstead Stories from the War Memorial.  
May 2010 A Celebration The story of the Banstead Arts Festival Society The First thirty Years ;  
Apr 2010 The Nork Estate between the World Wars
2008 ... The Church of St Mary's, Burgh Heath. The first 100 years.
2008 ... Garratts Hall, Banstead. The story of a Victorian gentleman's residence.
2007 ... The History of All Saints Church Banstead
2006 BANSTEAD Three Lectures on its History
2006 World War II the Banstead Ammunition Depot (New Print Run May 2016)
The History of Banstead Volumes I and II.
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£29.50 for both HARDBACK volumes.
2004 A History of Poor Law and Charity relief in Banstead
2002 Memories of Wartime Banstead District
2001 Early Banstead
1998 Banstead - Then and Now...(out of print - click on link for update)
1998 Beechholme...(out of print)
1995 World War II - The Banstead Wood Camp
1993 Banstead - A History...(out of print)
1981 Village School, Banstead and Henry Knibbs, Victorian Schoolmaster
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SECTION TWO - Other Publications
.... Home Hills & Beyond by Wendy Henningsson. - NO LONGER IN PRINT

A Concise History of Banstead

By Colin Sutherland

Published 2018
Soft Back , 35 pages

ISBN 978-0-9954910-8-3

Price £6.99

People have lived in Banstead for thousands of years. It started as a tiny agricultural village but, through the years, developed into the small urban town it really is.

Its lovely close-by surrounding countryside remains the feature that sets it apart from other urban developments around London. Its centre is still known as The Village.

This small publication gives a brief picture of the way in which the present community has been formed.

Concise History of Banstead by Colin Sutherland

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Tattenham Corner Estate

Tattenham Corner Estate

BHRG Published 2018

Portrait Soft back
ISBN 978-0-9954910-7-6

Price £3.99

This is a facsimile reproduction of the Tattenham Corner Estate brochure produced in the early 1930s by Surrey Downs Housing.

It covers the Tattenham Corner Estate, the Burgh Heath Garden Estate and the Nork Park Estate which were created from the remnants of land from the Nork Estate in Banstead, Surrey left over from the collapse of the Halden Estates Company in 1925.

The merits and location of the estates are described and illustrated with the various types of houses complete with prices and dimensions that were built by the company. It makes fascinating reading.  


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Burgh Heath
in Words and Pictures

By Ted Bond

Published 2018
Soft Back,

ISBN 978-0-9954910-4-5

Price £8.99

Ted Bond has lived in or near Burgh Heath all his life, played on the common, fished and paddled in the pond and slid on the ice in winter. Now he has finally written about it.

During his researches he has enjoyed taking photographs and talking with people. He hopes that you will think it was worthwhile and will hopefully enjoy and learn from his efforts.  

Burgh Heath in Words and Pictures

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Banstead Womens Institute scrapbook 1965

Banstead Village
Women's Institute

Scrapbook 1965

BHRG Published 2016

Landscape Soft back
ISBN 978-0-9954910-3-8       Price:

The Women's Institute celebrated its Golden Jubilee in 1965 with numerous celebrations

The various groups around the country were also encouraged to compile scrapbooks of their local town and countryside.

This is the scrapbook that was produced by the Banstead Village Women's Institute in 1965. It is a wonderful time capsule of the events and way of life of an age that has long gone.


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World War II
My Teenage Years

By John MacKenzie

Published 2016
Soft Back, pages.

ISBN: 978-0-9566313-8-1

Price: £4.99

John MacKenzie was a scholar of thirteen when Hitler's Panzers invaded Poland in September 1939 and France and Great Britain declared war on Germany.

He was nineteen in May 1945 when he marched with the Gordon Highlanders of the 51st Highland Division in Bremerhaven, Northern Germany to celebrate victory in Europe. Later that year, John and many thousands of his comrades were saved from confontration with large forces of Japanese military in the Far East when the atom bomb brought World War II to a welcome end.

In 1948 he returned older and wiser to "civvy street".

This is an account of those years.

My Teenage years John MacKenzie

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Nork halden Estates Co

The Halden Estates Co.

Published 2016

ISBN 978-0-9954910-5-2

This is a facsimile reproduction of the Halden Estates brochure produced in the early 1920s by the Halden Estates Company which was based at 422 Strand, London W.C.2.

The brochure is a wonderful example of marketing taken to its limits. No doubt it was written by George Humphrey, the Managing Director of Halden Estates, who considered himself to be a man of vision.

Unfortunately, Halden Estates did not exist for long. By April 1925 it had gone into liquidation and with it the dream of what the Nork Estate could have been.


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A Boy's War

Colin Michael John Sutherland
1938 -1945

Published 2016
Soft Back


Price: £3.99

This is an account of Colin Sutherland's experience of the Second World War.

It was just after his fifth birthday that the United Kingdom declared war on Germany.

He was nearly eleven when hostilities ended after the atomic bombs had been dropped on Japan.

He lived mostly in Minehead in Somerset, or in London, and at times experienced war from close quarters.

Colin now lives in Banstead and is a long standing member of the Banstead history Research Group and several other local organisations.

A Boy's War Colin Sutherland

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Banstead Common estate

Common estate

Published 2016

ISBN 978-0-9954910-6-9

This is a facsimile reproduction of the Banstead Common Estate brochure produced in the late 1920s by the developers, Perrys (Ealing).

The brochure describes the merits of the estate, which was created from the remnants of land from the Nork Estate in Banstead, Surrey, left over from the collapse of the Halden Estates Company in 1925.

The brochure also illustrates the various types of houses built by the company complete with prices and dimensions.

Fascinating reading.

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Banstead Miscellany
Anecdotes and Personalities from

Banstead's Past

BHRG Heritage Series

Published 2016

Soft Back

ISBN: 978-0-9566313-9-8

Price: £3.99

At no stage in its history has Banstead ever really featured in events of importance or national significance.

For the most part the lives of its inhabitants over the years have been characterised by a quiet and undramatic routine.

Yet, every now and then, something striking or a bit out of the ordinary has occurred. This booklet light-heartedly catalogues just a few such events and the people associated with them.


Banstead Miscellany

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Huberty De Burgh Banstead

The life and Times of
Hubert De Burgh
Lord of The Manor of Banstead, Justicier of England

Published October 2016

By Geoff Marshall

ISBN NO: 978-0-9954910-1-4
Soft back
Price: £6.99, 95 pages

Sir Henry Lambert author of "History of Banstead" described Hubert De Burgh as "the greatest subject with whom Banstead can boast a connection in all the centuries of its history".

Hubert De Burgh remained loyal to John despite the king's failings. He was appointed Justicier of England in 1215, an important position second only to the monarch.

Hubert De Burgh however, fell from grace in 1232 because of his relatively lowly birth and his accumulation of wealth and he was persecuted for many succeeding years. He died in his manor of Banstead in 1243.

This is his story.

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A Brief Historical Account

Published Oct 2016
Soft Back, 20 pages.

ISBN:978-0-9954910-2-1 Price: £3.99

This book is a reprint of the book written by Sir Henry Lambert in 1931.

It has been retypeset with additional headings added and the original illustrations enhanhanced. Chapter headings include:

The Parish

The Church

The Houses

Place names in the Parish

A map of Woodmansterne in 1866 and a portrait of Sir Henry have also been added to this rare book of which few original copies have survived.


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When The Railways Came

When the Railways Came -
How local villages changed and grew

Published February 2016

ISBN NO: 978-0-95566313-6-7
Soft back
Price: £3.99

Based on talks given by Jean Clew and Richard Mantle, with additional research by Geoffrey Robinson.
(38 pages including illustrations)

This book which is part of the BHRG Heritage Series is based on the talks given at the May 2005 Banstead Arts Festival.

Although there is much material available on the railways, this book aims to provide the background to why the railways came to Banstead, their construction and of the lasting effect they have had on the area.

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An Early 20th Century Tadworth House

Published Jan 2016
Soft Back, 62 pages.

Price: £?.??

Having spent forty years with her family at Old Priestmere, Rowena Cox decided to write a short history of this venerable house which has seen a century of change.

Originally built in the Edwardian era by well-known archictet Charles Barry, for his own family, the house has had many different occupants and has been the subject of many structural alterations.

This is the fascinating account of the property, setting it into the story of the develpment and growth of Tadworth village in the county of Surrey.

Priestmereby Rowena Cox

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Some women of Banstead by Philip Smith

Some Women of Banstead


Published October 2015
ISBN NO: 978-0-9550768-5-0
Soft back
Price: £3.99

Compiled by Philip Smith of the Banstead History Research Group.
(25 pages including seventeen illustrations)

It is noticeable that any catalogue of Banstead's 'Great and Good' primarily comprises men - Women raely feature.

This account is an attempt to recognise some of the women who have left their trace on Banstead's past, listed under such diverse groups as :

The Royal Women,the Philanthropic Women,

The Commonplace Women and the Career Women.

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in Words and Pictures

Published October 2014
Soft Back, 62 A4 sized pages.
Illustrations: 80 plus (photographs on almost every page)
Price: £6.00

This book documents local people's memories and perspectives of life in the village of Woodmansterne, situated on the North Downs in the county of Surrey.

The author, Edward James Bond known as Ted, a long-time member of the Banstead History Research Group says that he very much enjoyed talking to people during his research. It was not always easy to persuade them to document their memories for inclusion in the book but many did, and they also contributed photographs never previously published. These, along with others from the Group's collection, are printed throughout the publication alongside the text for easy reference.

Ted has attempted to represent all village activities and includes sports, wartime accounts, the Scout Group, the Womens Institute, The Oaks, personal family histories and much more.

Woodmansterne in Words and Pictures

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Rose's Story Rose Gregory BHRG

Rose's Story -
From London Childhood to war years in Banstead

Published September 2014
ISBN NO: 978-0-95566313-4-3
Soft back
Price: £6.99

By Rose Gregory in association with the Banstead History Research Group.
(128 pages including illustrations)

Rose moved to Banstead from east London in early 1939 and started school at Picquets Way, just as the air raid shelters had been completed. The war had started.

Rose had many friends and explored the newfound local countryside. She met her future husband Reg during these years but they were separated by the war and by the roles they took on in support of the defence of the country.

This true story of these early years is narrated to help her great-grandchildren understand how different life was in her days, and is a charming contribution to the history of this traumatic period of time.

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The Banstead Boy at Trafalgar
George Perceval's letters to his parents Lord and Lady Arden 1805 to 1815

Published April 2011
Soft Back, 55 pages.
Seventeen colour illustrations
Price: £7.99

Throughout most of the nineteenth century Nork House in Banstead was the country seat of the Perceval family. In 1805, the eleven-year old George Perceval joined the Navy, and within 3 months saw service at the Battle of Trafalgar.

Letters that he wrote home to his parents over the first ten years of his naval service have been preserved and provide an intimate account of his experience. It is this unique collection of letters which form the body of this book. They vividly portray the highs and lows he experienced at sea, as well as the affection he felt for his family and his nostalgia for the fireside at Nork House.

The Banstead Boy at Trafalgar

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Beechholme - A Children's village

Beechholme - A Children's Village
Also known as The Kensington and Chelsea District School
in Fir Tree Road, Nork, Banstead

Published December 2010
ISBN NO: 978-0-9550768-4-8
Soft back
Price: £9.99

By Ralph Maciejewski of the Banstead History Research Group.
(102 pages including illustrations)

Beechholme in its day was a quite revolutionary residential school. Opened in 1880, it was originally called The Kensington and Chelsea District School and it was a home and school to children who would otherwise find themselves in barrack-like institutions, if not the workhouse. The school was situated on a strip of land to the east of Drift Bridge and to the west of Banstead railway station with the railway line to its north and Fir Tree Road to the south.

The school adapted over the years. There were name changes to Banstead Residential School and latterly Beechholme.  It was closed in 1974 and demolished without trace to be replaced by the High Beeches housing estate.  This book tells the story of the Children's village.  

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Banstead Past and Present
The changing scene of Surrey village life in Banstead

Published December 2010
Soft Back, 112 pages.
Black and White images throughout
Price: £9.99

This publication is an updated version of the popular, Banstead -Then and Now, last published in 1998. 

In the new version, the 'Present' photos were taken in 2009/10 whilst the 'Past' photos are mainly composed of old postcards most of which were published about 100 years ago. Many are new finds and not included in the original publication.

The High Street continues to change and this book includes one of the biggest events in recent years, the fire at the Waitrose store, probably only superseded by the devastation caused by the flying bomb which fell at the eastern end of the High street in 1944, demolishing the forge and eventually leading to the rebuilding of The Woolpack.

Banstead Past and Present

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Men of Banstead   Stories from the War Memorial

"Moving and inspiring . . . "

Faith Bedford, daughter of Sergeant Clifford Remané shot in France whilst escaping from a Sherman tank.

"I shed a tear when I read about the generosity of his Banstead Post Office colleagues."

Jill Skinner, granddaughter of Leading Seaman Bertram Ives killed at Dunkirk.

"An amazing touching detailed personal account with historical reference.

"Most significant to me was the feeling that this man's life mattered, really mattered, to the author and to the family. I was reminded most poignantly of our responsibility as educators to pay due homage and to tell the stories so students grasp the complexity of sacrifice and are moved enough to act."

Janet Crawford, organizer of the Blue Hydrangea Memorial Service at Chilliwack Middle School, B.C. (Canada) held to commemorate WWII airmen killed locally, including Sergeant Gordon Hammond from Banstead.

These Men of Banstead 
Stories from the War Memorial.

Published September 2010
ISBN NO: 978-0-9566313-0-5
Fully illustrated in colour 
Price: £14.99

NOW available at only £10 - May 2016

By Lewis N. Wood of the Banstead History Research Group.
(256 pages including illustrations)

You don't have to know about Banstead's War Memorial, the inspiration for this book, in order to appreciate these evocative accounts of thirty-four local men whose names are among those inscribed upon it.

The stories introduce the reader into the rich and fascinating history of these men who fought for their country. Each account is complemented by personal and service photographs, images of mementoes and keepsakes, diary entries, and postcards and letters sent home, all the result of painstaking research over a period of four years. Lewis Wood, aided by other members of the Banstead History Research Group, has applied his energies to making contact with descendants, friends and neighbours of these men, as well as securing some telling and moving eye-witness testimonies. A banker, estate agent, farm worker, chaplain and many more men from the village, from all walks of life, gave their lives for their country.

This book includes numerous previously unpublished photos obtained from relatives, original family albums or even collections of photos taken by the men themselves. Also included are reviews for each of the war years to add perspective to the unfolding stories; brief summaries which may encourage the reader to delve more into the substance behind the headlines.

The subjects of this book all came from a small, semi-rural part of North Surrey, but their experiences were repeated across the nation and the world. If the stories of all those men were to be recorded, one would hope they might be as well presented as in These Men of Banstead.

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A Celebration 
The story of the Banstead Arts Festival Society
The First Thirty Years .

Published April 2010
Soft Back 70 pages. Illustrated in colour
ISBN: 978-0-9550768-8-6
Price: £7.99

Who better than Rowena Cox to compile this aptly titled 'Celebration'? As a long-standing committee member and chairman, she has an insider's knowledge of the way the Banstead Arts Society functions, and of the personalities who have shaped its development. Her access to the Society's archives and her own encyclopaedic memory gives the pages of this book special authority.

Those with long memories will find the pleasure of past events recreated by text and photographs, while relative newcomers will be impressed by the roll-call of distinguished performers who have been welcomed to Banstead at the beginning of their careers and have gone on to become well known names.

 Celebration   The story of the Banstead Arts Festival Society. The First thirty Years

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Nork estate Banstead

The Nork Estate between the World Wars

Published April 2010
ISBN NO: 978-0-9550768-7-9
Soft back
Price: £4.99

By Ralph Maciejewski of the Banstead History Research Group.
(25 pages including illustrations)

In 1923 George Humphrey, Director of Halden Estates, had a vision of developing a garden city on the Nork Estate, Banstead, which was previously owned by the Colmean family.

Sadly Humphrey's vision did not materialise as Halden estates became insolvent in 1926.

This book describes how the estate was eventually developed in a less organised manor in which a new community grew, with new roads, houses, shops, schools and churches.

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The Church of St Mary's, Burgh Heath.
The first 100 years.

Published November 2008
Soft Back 80pp. Illustrated in colour
ISBN: 978-0-9550768-5-5
Price: £7.99

Towards the end of the 19th century the parish church of All Saints, Banstead was frequently overcrowded due to the gradual increase in the local population. A number of plans to enlarge the old church were proposed but none of them was regarded as anything but unsatisfactory as they would have destroyed its unique and picturesque character. The only viable alternative was to build a second church elsewhere in the parish.

St. Mary's Church was finally built at Burgh Heath in 1909.

Over the years the church witnessed many changes. It was also threatened with closure on a number of occasions. In particular, in late 1962, the newly incumbent Vicar felt that it would be in the best pastoral interests of the neighborhood to demolish the church and build a garage and filling station in its place. Thankfully, such an act of vandalism by a clergyman was rejected by the local urban district borough council.

This book, which has numerous illustrations in colour, celebrates the centenary of a church which against all the odds has survived and which is more vibrant than ever.

St Mary's Church Burgh Heath- publication by BHRG

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Garratts Hall publication by BHRG

Garratts Hall, Banstead.
The Story Of A Victorian Gentleman's Residence.

Published November 2008
ISBN NO: 978-0-9550768-6-2
Soft back
Price: £7.99

By John Sweetman of the Banstead History Research Group.
(64 pages including illustrations)

At the end of the 19th century Banstead was a moderately-sized village, notable chiefly for a few large houses with a comfortable or large amount of land attached to them. One of those houses was Garratts Hall, which was in Garratts Lane. The house was home for a large part of the preceding two centuries of a branch of the prosperous and prolific Lambert family.

This lavishly illustrated book contains photographs from the archives of the Lambert family which have never been seen before. It traces the fascinating history of the mansion and its occupants from the earliest days to its use as a school for ladies during its latter years to its final demolition to make way for a housing development in the 1930s.

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The History of All Saints Church Banstead

Published May 2007 ISBN No: 978-0-9550768-3-1
Price: £7.99

Author - Geoffrey Robinson
a member of the Banstead History Research Group.

62 pages including 40 colour plates, 14 Black and White and 7 Line drawings.

The parish church of Banstead in Surrey is by far the oldest building in the district. Situated just off the High Street, it is most likely that there has been a church on the site for at least 1,000 years. The book traces the history of the church from the time of the Domesday Survey of 1086 through the restoration in the 1860s to the present day.

It also covers the history of the Manor House which stood nearby in the 13th and 14th centuries.
The history of All Saints Church Banstead

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BANSTEAD Three Lectures on its History - New and updated version published by BHRG in 2006

Banstead Three Lectures on its History - The original book published in 1923

Three Lectures on its History

Published 2006 ISBN NO: 0-9550768-2-X
Price: £9.99

By the Banstead History Research Group.
(117 pages including illustrations)

This book contains a reprint of the lectures given by Sir Henry Lambert K.C.M.G., C.B. in 1923 at the Council schools Banstead.

The lectures are supplemented in this edition by articles written by Sir Henry Lambert and published in the Banstead Quarterly between 1933 and 1935. The new version also includes many photographs of places mentioned in the text.

BHRG are grateful to Sir Henry Lambert's great grandson, Michael Lambert, for contributing the foreward to this book.

The first lecture starts..." When I was building my present house (Originally known as LARKLANDS, now New Place in Park Road) and making a garden, the ground being on a slope, it was necessary to cut into the hill. On returning from town one evening, I was told that the men had found some old bones............".

The picture on the left shows a rare copy of the original book.
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World War II
The Banstead Ammunition Depot

Published 2006
New Print run available - now in colour - May 2016
Price: £2.99

BHRG (20 pages)

Banstead seemed to be of little interest from a military point of view. It was an open residential area with no industrial plant or military establishment; It was not on or near a mainline railroad or trunk road.
Perhaps it was for those very reasons, along with its position, beyond but not too far from the outskirts of London, that an important and potentially very dangerous military depot came to be sited in the area. This was what came to be described as "No. 116 Equipment Ammunition Depot". This little book tells a brief story of EAD 116, describes the location and includes many current pictures..
The Banstead Ammunition Depot EAD 116

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(Published 2005)
Price: £8.50

By J Sweetman.
(164 pages including illustrations)

The story of Banstead starts with what is known about the occupation of the Romans and the Anglo Saxons in the district. It then proceeds to describe century by century, the major events, people and conditions in Banstead up until 1840, set against the general historical background of the times.

(Published 2005)
Price: £9.50

By J Sweetman. (246 pages including illustrations)

This is a revised and updated version of 'Banstead - a History' published by the Banstead History Research Group in 1993.

After a brief summary of the village's early history, this book deals in detail with the story of Banstead from 1841 to the present day.

BHRG is a non profit making Group and the prices of these two books have been set to simply recover our publication costs.

save a further £3
by buying both books together for just £15.

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A History of
Poor Law and Charity Relief in Banstead

Published 2004
Price: £5.00

By John Sweetman (36 pages)

This book looks at the efforts made through the Poor Law or by charity to relieve at least the extremes of poverty in the Banstead area.

It includes the significant contribution made by organisations such as the Epsom Union Workhouse and individuals such as Henry Smith also known as 'Dog Smith'.

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Memories of
Wartime Banstead District

Published 2002
Price: £7.50

By E J Bond. (88 pages including illustrations)

Amply illustrated, this book contains the recollections of people who lived in the Banstead Urban District area during the 1939/1945 war, told in their own way. The result is a convincing account of what it was like to live under a constant threat of bombing and with all the difficulties of rationing and other aspects of wartime. The book includes stories of Home Guard and other Emergency Service activities.
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(Published 2001)

(27 pages including 12 pages of photographs)

This booklet is an edited edition of talks given by Mark Cory and Richard Mantle. It provides readers with an easy introduction to the story of the Banstead area from the earliest days until the time of the rapid developments between the two World Wars.

Illustrations show various aspects of village life.

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(Published 1998)


This booklet has been replaced by a brand new 100-page book published in Dec 2010. Click here.

By Geoff Marshall. (32 pages including plan and photographs)

This was a pioneering Residential School for children from London who were orphans, deserted or otherwise in need. It was planned on the lines of a conventional Boarding School, with strict discipline but good facilities. Changing with the times, the School was ultimately closed in 1974.

This is the story of the school, including the recollections of some of the pupils who went there.

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(Published 1995)
Original Price: £2.50 - Now £2.00

By John Sweetman (25 pages)

For the whole of the war Banstead Wood was requisitioned by the War Department. Huts were built, and the Camp was used first for the Canadian Army and afterwards as a prisoner-of-war camp for Italians and then for Germans. This is the story of those occupations, based on information from people who were inside or outside the camp.

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(Published 1993)


(148 pages with index, maps and illustrations)

The book shows how the village and community of Banstead, including Nork and areas from Tattenham Corner to Preston Lane, have grown into their present form. Part 1 starts with a brief account of early history, followed by a description of the village in the 1840s and then, step by step, its growth until recent times. Part II deals with various subjects without limitations of time - e.g. prominent families and persons, transport and the mail.
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Banstead - Then and Now
(Published 1987, with 1998 Supplement)
Original Price: £8.50


This booklet has been replaced by a brand new 112-page book published in Dec 2010. Click here. After a short introduction to the history of Banstead, and a map, the book proceeds to illustrate main features of the village and how they have changed over the years, by means of photographs taken long ago and others taken from the same spot some eighty or ninety years later, with explanatory captions. The result is a pictorial passage from the old village to the new.

This book includes many old photos and postcards not shown on this website.

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Village School, Banstead and Henry Knibbs, Victorian Schoolmaster (Published 1981)

By Irene O'Shea (12 pages)

This small book tells the story of the School which was opened in 1858, and which in 1862 was taken charge of by Henry Knibbs, aged 20. It shows how Knibbs, a man of great energy, played a major part in the life of the village.

He remained Headmaster until 1904.

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Home Hills & Beyond
by Wendy Henningsson a member of BHRG.


The book starts with my schooldays in Banstead village school. It includes a chapter describing neighbours in Croydon Lane where I lived until I was about 18. Also included is a group photograph of the VE-day celebration party for children with fancy dress competition which I believe is unique to this book.

One chapter describes my seven years at Wallington Grammar school, and although not Banstead history one could say it is social history of Surrey.

The rest of the book describes student days in the UK and abroad, and then how I adapted to a new life in Sweden where I still live.

Wendy Henningsson.

For further details please visit

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