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Another success

A family who emigrated to the USA asked me to find their mum's cousin who they had lost touch with some thirty years ago but who, they were certain, would still be in the UK.

I made contact with the cousin's daughter within a few days, having traced them to Australia.

The two cousins, now both over eighty, are catching up on old times via Skype.

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You have probably seen the latest series of Who Do You Think You Are? on TV and now want to know more about your own ancestors. If so, I can help.

I have built up a considerable amount of expertise in this field since I started in the year 2000 and I now have easy access to numerous and diverse resources to help with the task. I have been successful in tracing the ancestors of many many families, as well as finding long lost, or sometimes even unknown, relatives.

I work methodically to gather information, record, and present it to my clients in a clear and concise manner.

Once I have found your ancestors, I can provide you with copies of relevant documents, and would be happy to order any pertinent certificates for you.

I can provide a written report as well as ancestral charts if required. Every search is different, and good communication with each client, usually by regular email updates, is a vital part of the way I work.

My services are confidential and personal to you and I would be delighted to hear from you to talk through your requirements.

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