Traced descendants of James Leonard Gordon Hammond and Peter Denys Parkes both WW2 casualties

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Spitfire Pilot

Traced descendants of
J P M Lintott, famous Banstead fighter pilot.

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Genealogy Tip

Visit your local library.

It will have the latest family tree publications, old newspapers, and often, free access to or similar site.


Christine, thank you so much for your patient and painstaking research into the history of our family, a difficult task, with so few clear facts to go on and so many leads to nowhere. I now have a much clearer picture of the family history and feel great admiration for my grandpa, who had such unpromising beginnings but patiently worked away and made sure his sons had a good education. As a result, all of us have a lifestyle which grandpa and those who came before him could never have imagined. Thank you, Christine, for providing the new perspective -- and best wishes for your future researches! Christopher Powell. September 2011

Christine, thank you very much for your efforts. All of my relations want to see the results, so your work will be viewed all over this country and as far as New Zealand - Ken Chivers.

Christine, thank you for all your help; I've now got a family stretching back to 1843, something I thought I'd never have, my words cannot properly express my thanks. Best wishes and in those immortal words, I'll be back. Arthur Lewis.

Dear Christine, I want to thank you for the great job you did for me finding the history of my family. I find it very interesting and not to say the least, quite sad.
Thanks. Allan Charles Rowe MLIA (Dip) CeMAP

"Thank you, Christine, for all your help in tracing my ancestors, it made a lovely surprise for my son's 30th birthday and has been a source of conversation since. My elderly uncle has found great pleasure from finding out about his part of the family and has now spent many happy hours looking at maps and reading about the history of the small villages where his ancestors came from. Will be in touch again" - Viv Triggle"

Private Charles Couchman
"I first became aware of Christine Kent whilst researching the history of my Grandfather Charles Couchman, who was featured on the Banstead War Memorial website as a rather anonymous, fallen soldier of WW1. After I had given her the barest of details in my possession she set to work. Not an easy task; he died over 90 years ago with no brothers, sisters or close relatives.

Within a short space of time Christine had identified my late Grandfather's birthplace, pieced together many aspects of his family life and given me the names of my Great Grandparents! As a result my Grandfather now has a fitting memorial on the website which my family are absolutely delighted with. Christine's research did much more than trace my Grandfather's history, it gave him his identity back after almost 100 years. I would have no hesitation in recommending her services to anyone wishing to research their family history." - Des Cronin